Our History

Peter Charles Hoehn started Hoehn Sign Company in Newark in the 1930’s. This eventually evolved into Morris Sign Company in Whippany, NJ. Through four generations, the Hoehn family sign business has thrived through many economic turns. Michael and Chris Hoehn own and operate Morris Sign Company today with the same integrity and mindset that their great uncle (Peter) and their father (Raymond) had taught them.

Moving to Orange in the 1950’s, Raymond Hoehn built on the strong foundation of his Uncle Peter. Slowly but surely, his business grew and grew and became one of the most respected sign companies in the area. Respect and integrity were trademarks of Raymond and then his sons, who followed in the family business. Relying on skilled and professional workers, the business was always successful. Even though the growth of the sign company took several dedicated employees, Raymond always was hands-on and kept the company integrity in place by employing only the best the industry had to offer, through skilled artist that painted signs, to the knowledgeable craftsman that installed them.

Hoehn Sign Company built relationships that are still relevant today. Much of the foundation of the family sign business was established through the hard work and dedication of Peter Hoehn and then Raymond Hoehn. Anyone can open a sign business, but the company that establishes consistent and sound relationships with their customers will thrive through the years. Full service and customer care are key ingredients that were handed down through the Hoehn family.

The sign industry has changed dramatically since the 1930’s and Morris Sign has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Today, with so much of the industry relying on computer graphics, Morris Sign is equipped to lead the industry through the ever changing technological advances.

Located at 30 Troy Road in Whippany, Morris Sign Company has now become one of the largest and most relevant sign companies in Morris County. Whether it is a carved sign with gold leaf lettering or a pair of truck magnetic signs, the company prides itself on giving the customer what he wants. There are many aspects to making signs and Chris and Michael Hoehn have continued in the right formula that was first established generations ago.

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Morris Sign Co., can design, create, and install many types of signs, banners, etc. Our designers are constantly working on new types of signage and design concept. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please give us a call.



"I am using this company for all my sign needs for the last 20 years. Always great quality, quick and a fair pricing. Great people to work with as well. Highly recommend to anyone for any signs, banners, etc."

Great Work at a Great Price!

 My truck looks awesome!

~Mike V.